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Beauty in the Broken

Title : Beauty in the Broken
Release : 2015
Stars : Lisa Marie, Briana Cuoco, Chris Payne Gilbert,
Ddirector : Patrick Gallagher,
Genre : Comedy

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A young psychologist got depressed at the loss of his wife. He doesn’t feel good even at his job. He tries to overcome from his depression but intially fails. Later on, he meets a homeless young girl who has been abused sexually in her childhood by a man. The girl is a good Artist too. The psychologist follows her and gets a chance to have a conversation with her. At first, she doesn’t behave well with him and annoys him. But he patiently tolerates her and falls in love with her. They both fall in love with eachother but disturbed by a young strong man closer to the girl. He wants her to be away from the man and tries not to let the psychologist comes to her. So he hurts him several times but the psychologist is passionate for the girl and never gets scared of him. He, then, buys a new flat for the girl and settles her down there in the new flat for her drawings. There also the psychologist gets in and breaks the things in the room and misbehaves with her and the psychologist. But at …

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