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Title : Bisping
Release : 2021
Stars : Vin Diesel, Mickey Rourke, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White,
Ddirector : Rich Sommer,
Genre : Documentary

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His passion for combat sports wasn’t keeping him alive so survival mode kicked in for Michael and he was forced to take normal jobs, including working in factories, slaughterhouses, demolition companies; in addition to working as an upholsterer, postman, tiler, plasterer, and salesman. In his later years though, Michael’s career as a UFC fighter would take off and he would become one of the sports fan favorites, but with any combat sport comes the shrapnel of getting kicked and punched in the face on a nightly basis. In a controversial fight against the steroid-induced Victor Belfort, the unthinkable would happen to change the course of Bisping’s life forever. He would suffer a detached retina from a blow and kick to the head that would disfigure and scar the fighter forever, threatening to end a career he has sacrificed everything for. With a wife and kids that love him, they plead for the battered and bruised fighter to hang up the gloves, as they feel he has nothing left to prove. …

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