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[CN] The Eagle Shooting Heroes

Title : [CN] The Eagle Shooting Heroes
Release : 1993 [CN]
Stars : Maggie Cheung, Tony Chiu Wai Leung,
Ddirector : Lee Van Cleef,
Genre : Action, Comedy

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A parody of Louis Cha’s renowned novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes. The story begins with the Queen of Golden Wheel Kingdom and having an affair with her cousin West Poison, both of whom are planning to take over the Kingdom. The 3rd Princess discovered their treason but she was defeated by West Poison. She flees and sought for her master’s help. He spoke of a powerful secret martial arts manual hidden in the mountains, which if she could retrieve and learn, she would be able to defeat West Poison. But things get complicated along the way when West Poison beat her to it and stole the secret manual away. She soon gathers an alliance to challenge West Poison’s exponentially increased new power.

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