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[DE] Die gläserne Zelle

Title : [DE] Die gläserne Zelle
Release : 1978 [GERMAN]
Stars : Dieter Laser,
Ddirector : Danny Pudi,
Genre : Crime, Drama

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The architect Phillip Braun is framed by his former employer Lasky that embezzles the money that should be used to buy suitable material of a construction that collapses, killing a person. Phillip is wrongly imprisoned and for five years his lawyer David Reinalt is not capable to prove that Lasky is the responsible for the accident. When Phillip is released, he meets his beautiful wife Lisa Braun and then his son Timmie. Soon Lasky seeks Philip out to poison the relationship of his wife with David. Lisa is very close to David and Phillip becomes suspicious of their friendship. David finds a job for Phillip with a friend of him and he tells that Lasky is pressing him because he is still trying to prove Phillip’s innocence. Soon Lisa confesses to her husband that she had a brief two-week love affair with David a long time ago when he was in prison, but now they are only friends. Phillips is disturbed with the revelation and his jealous increases while Lisa frequently visits David. One …

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