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[ES] Law of Desire

Title : [ES] Law of Desire
Release : 1987 [SPANISH]
Stars : Antonio Banderas, Pedro Almodóvar, Carmen Maura, Rossy de Palma,
Ddirector : ,
Genre : Comedy, Drama

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Pablo and Tina have complicated sexual lives. Pablo writes and directs plays and films; he’s gay and deeply in love with Juan, a young man who won’t reply to Pablo’s affection or letters. Pablo’s sibling Tina is a transsexual, angry at men, raising Ada, and trying to make it as an actress. Pablo takes up with Antonio, a youth who becomes jealous of Pablo’s love for Juan. Antonio seeks out Juan, and violence leads to Pablo’s grief and a temporary loss of memory. When memory returns, he learns that Antonio has taken up with Tina. In horror, he hurries to Tina’s rescue and must face Antonio and his desire.

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