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Good Neighbor Sam

Title : Good Neighbor Sam
Release : 1964
Stars : Kym Karath, Jack Lemmon, Barbara Bouchet, Romy Schneider,
Ddirector : Johannes Kuhnke,
Genre : Comedy

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Sam Bissel is a wholesome family man with a loving wife, Min, and two loving daughters. They lead a happy suburban life. The only part of Sam’s life that he is not happy about is his job as a lowly cog in the art department of the advertising firm of Burke & Hare. Sam’s professional life takes a major turn when he is made executive of the Nurdlinger Dairy account. Simon Nurdlinger is a wholesome family man who wants a wholesome family man with wholesome family ideals heading his account, Sam the only one in Burke & Hare that fits the bill. Sam’s home life also takes a major turn when Min’s college friend, Janet Lagerlof, moves in next door. Janet stands to inherit $15 million from her grandfather’s estate, but the will has a clause that she must be happily married to inherit the money. Janet is technically divorced from Howard Ebbets, and states that getting back with Howard is not worth $15 million. But when Jack Bailey and Irene Krump – two of Janet’s relatives who would like to …

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