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Lucky Numbers

Title : Lucky Numbers
Release : 2000
Stars : Katrina Law, John Travolta, Tim Roth, Bill Pullman,
Ddirector : Chris O'Donnell,
Genre : Comedy, Crime

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Winter 1988. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is Russ Richard’s oyster, there where he is the popular weatherman for WTPA Channel 6 News. That popularity allows him many perks in the city, especially at his local Denny’s. Things start to go off the rails for him as this winter is unseasonably warm and not white, meaning that no one is buying from his snowmobile dealership, and none of his usual sources are willing to advance him any money to tide him over this rough business patch. In turning to Gig, a slightly shady acquaintance who operates a strip club and bar, Russ decides to turn to illegal activities to get the money he needs. After one failed attempt at that criminal life which has its own negative consequences, Russ instead decides on a lottery scam, his partners in crime being Gig, and Crystal Latroy, Russ’ colleague at WTPA as the Pennsylvania Lucky Six Lottery girl – the lottery numbers which are drawn live on air during WTPA’s supper hour news – and his sometime lover. Crystal is …

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