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Movie Movie

Title : Movie Movie
Release : 1978
Stars : Eli Wallach, Barry Bostwick, George C. Scott, Harry Hamlin,
Ddirector : Eli Jane,
Genre : Comedy, Musical

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Three movie genres of the 1930s are satirized in this spoof of the traditional double feature. In “Dynamite Hands”, a delivery boy turns prizefighter in order to raise enough money for his kid sister’s eye operation. Later, however, he turns his back on his father-figure manager and librarian girlfriend when he is distracted by a flashy gangster and sexy night club diva. Intermission has a coming-attractions trailer for “Zero Hour”, a World War I aviation drama. In the second feature, “Baxter’s Beauties of 1933” a Broadway impresario hears he has only a month to live and is determined to mount one more hit on the boards. When his drunken diva of a star cannot go on opening night, he finds that the ingénue he chooses to replace her is his long-estranged daughter, whom he has not seen since she was a girl. All three stories feature the same cast in repertoire.

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