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The Man Upstairs

Title : The Man Upstairs
Release : 1958
Stars : Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee, John Charlesworth,
Ddirector : Fiona Vroom,
Genre : Drama

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John Wilson is troubled with pain and and an inability to sleep. He tries to light the gas-fire and seeks help from another lodger, artist Nicholas, who is spending the night with his model, and is reluctant to be disturbed. Another neighbor, Pollen, tries to be helpful, but is hit by Wilson. Frightened and angry, Pollen calls for police help. The others in the boarding house are awakened by this time, and Mrs. Harris tries to help the mentally confused Wilson, but he also refuses her help. The police clash with Dr. Sanderson, a welfare worker, who thinks he can take the gun-toting Wilson without complications, but when a Police Sergeant is injured, Police Inspector Thompson is determined to take Wilson by force if necessary.

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