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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Title : The Picture of Dorian Gray
Release : 1945
Stars : Angela Lansbury, George Sanders, Donna Reed, Hurd Hatfield,
Ddirector : Duncan Jones,
Genre : Drama, Fantasy

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In 1886, in Victorian London, the corrupt Lord Henry Wotton (George Sanders) meets the pure Dorian Gray (Hurd Hatfield) posing for talented painter Basil Hallward (Lowell Gilmore). Basil paints Dorian’s portrait and gives the beautiful painting and an Egyptian sculpture of a cat to him, while Henry corrupts his mind and soul, telling him that Dorian should seek pleasure in life. Dorian wishes that his portrait could age instead of him. Dorian goes to a side show in the Two Turtles in the poor neighborhood of London, and he falls in love with singer Sibyl Vane (Dame Angela Lansbury). Dorian decides to marry her and tells Lord Henry, who convinces him to test the honor of Sibyl. Dorian Gray leaves Sibyl and travels abroad, and when he returns to London, Lord Henry tells him that Sibyl committed suicide for love. Throughout the years, Dorian’s friends age while he is still the same, but his picture discloses his evilness and corruptive life. Can he still have salvation, or is his soul …

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