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The Toll

Title : The Toll
Release : 2020
Stars : Jordan Hayes, Jana Peck, Anthony Ulc, Jess Brown,
Ddirector : Lena Endre,
Genre : Horror

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It’s 1 A.M. An exhausted Cami orders a ride-share at the airport. Her driver: Spencer, awkward and unsettling. Her destination: Her dad’s place in the middle of nowhere. Cami grows increasingly suspicious of Spencer’s odd behavior. This fear gives way to full-blown terror when their car breaks down on a secluded road. And they both realize they’re not alone – Suddenly the car comes under attack – a rock smashes through the window. Attached to a message that warns visitors must “pay the toll.” Cami and Spencer realize it’s a supernatural force haunting them: the Toll Man, pitting these two strangers against each other. Until they discover that for either to survive, one of them has to die.

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